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My Work involves prehistoric number science, developed and practiced as traditional knowledge from the very end of the Stone Age which we call the Megalithic and until the writings of the Classical Greek Plato.

This numerical science differed from later mathematics in two important ways,

  1. numbers were stored as lengths and transformed within circular and triangular geometries in the megalithic and
  2. religious theory emerged from it, that the world had been created in a similar way by divine intelligences called the demiurge.

Harmonic ratios between the lunar year and outer planets led to planetary gods being located in a harmonic space organised by prime number 3 and 5. (yes, really!)

    • The metrological dimension, has been found in most global regions during the modern historical expansion of empire building. The first traces of the eventual metrological system are to be found in later megalithic monuments, post 3000BCE.

    • The religious dimension can be seen in the influence of prehistoric number science on later religious ideas and their often numerical symbolism (a subject first explored in Sacred Number.) That is, to a significant extent, many of our religious archetypes came to shaped by the structure of astronomical time (a subject first explored in Matrix of Creation). This structuring of astronomical time, seen from earth, is largely unknown to modern astronomy, but was articulated as the day-inch counting found in the megalithic monuments around Carnac in Brittany (see Precessional Time, chapter Two, and Sacred Numbers and the Lords of Time, chapters One to Four).

    • The harmonic dimension has deeply affected our number symbolism as having roots in harmony and a harmonic creation theory, as in the "Harmony of the Spheres" of the Pythagoreans. Influence number 2 below, Ernest McClain's ancient tuning theory has blended perfectly with what was found in Matrix of Creation.

My previous book, Sacred Number and the Lords of Time, gave the megalithic a narrative history as having been a necessary cultural prelude to the history we have for the Ancient Near East. As it's current subtitle suggests, the Stone Age had developed an exact science before the technological development we call the ages of metal.

My latest, Harmonic Origins of the World (see right) adds the harmonic layer to this narrative.

Other writings are to be found at my online magazine at number , or are based around collaborations, past or occasional, with;

  1. Robin Heath for events, books, etc., on megalithic research (with online pdfs about Carnac, West Wales, Stonehenge etc).  Part of my Number Sciences magazine has recent work on the megalithic.
  2. Ernest McClain (1918-2014) on the ancient number science of musical harmony, and co-development of a WebApp called Harmonic Explorer. Part of my Number Sciences magazine has latest information.
  3. Anthony Blake on topics including Systematics, cosmology and the technicalities of human creativity. (see also for rich content and courses)