HaOrWo-AD-v03The Harmonic Origins of the World is now available (20th March) in the US,  and some UK distributors including Book Depository have it before the 20th April release in the UK.

The publisher is Inner Traditions have a shop with it in.

The distributor is Simon & Schuster in UK and in US - see their rather nice presentation of the book:


“In this book the author reveals himself as the natural successor to Ernest McClain. As McClain before him, Heath has realized the extent to which the natural harmony of music binds into one the ‘within’ and ‘without’ of man’s world. He introduces us first to the observable recurrence of numbers underlying ancient astronomical sightings and then skilfully reveals the connection with the harmonic numbers of the sexagesimal system discovered by the Sumerians and Babylonians. Underpinning ideas with superb graphics and skilful numerical tables, he shows the ancient scribes, priests and ‘gentlemen of leisure’ in the Aristotelian sense, to be most subtle--in many cases far more so than we who work so hard to understand them. The progression by which he reveals his thesis is impressive.”

– Pete Dello, singer-songwriter, composer, and musicologist

“We have long known, thanks to Ernest McClain, that the ancients were obsessed with harmonic numbers and that the Bible encodes these from beginning to end. Now new evidence appears, as these numbers correlate with the planetary periods, and their discovery is pushed far back into the prehistoric era. Richard Heath’s work, based not on speculation but on objective data, challenges all accepted notions of cultural evolution and religious origins.”

– JOSCELYN GODWIN, author of Harmonies of Heaven and Earth