Monuments to the Lords of Time:
Astronomical Time as the Subject of Megalithic Structures
and How to See This



Slides used in the John Michell Memorial Lecture, 9th May 2015, in Glastonbury Town Hall, where Richard Heath presents Stone Age Counting as key means for megalithic understanding of astronomy as a highly structured "time-factored" reality which explains the shape and dimensions of the monuments as representing both the means and end results of that astronomy. The paper also explores the evolution of early metrology into the measures known to history, the geometrical ideas of Carnac's astronomers and their unique art preserved within Gavrinis Cairn (recently scanned by Laurent Lescop) as complementary to the astronomy as "information boards" gathered from Carnac's many monuments, surviving, inundated or lost. Supporting articles can be found at and in author's Sacred Number and the Lords of Time.

This talk's slideshow can be viewed here:

A DVD of this talk will be available in due course from Megalithomania Website.