Inner Traditions have offered to publish a fifth book. It will utilise some of what I learnt from Ernest G McClain, with whom at one stage I was going to write a book called Brave New World. Other challenges such as presenting at ICONEA 2013 and 2014 and writing more tightly within an academic framework are leading to a resolution of why megalithic science is so hard to equate to modern science, as being an exact science yet without theory or arithmetic. Of course, the harmony of the spheres has been running on for millennia since Pythagoras and Plato and it has ended up being more a platform from which enlightenment scientists would launch the "project of the West". But we don't really own our past or present without knowing what drove it, step by step, into existence. Whilst I catch up on missing aspects of my own education, coming to it in this way may lead to a vision which can be shared with a broader range of readers.

Concerning megalithic science, please to visit my web site of that name with new material about alignment of the Kaaba and Analysis of Arbor Low.